Harper’s Weekly

In my further attempts to identify photos in my great grandmother’s photo album, I noticed this one, which I believe to be the matriarch of the influential Keen/Butcher family that my family worked with. This was probably Emma Keen, wife of William Keen, first brain surgeon in the U.S. In any case, I noticed that she is carrying some mail. Zooming in and rotating allowed me to see that this is an issue of Harper’s Weekly, a popular political magazine, published from 1857-1916. Google image searching allowed me to find one that fairly well matches, though I am not convinced it is the correct edition. If it is, this dates from about the date of the issue, March 9, 1912. What do you think? Did I get the right issue? Would you have seen the magazine and realized that it could help to date the photo?

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One Response to Harper’s Weekly

  1. Cathy says:

    It looks right to me. But you are such a wiz at noticing these things. I don’t know if my opinion matters. LOL

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